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Donna Heals Reviews

Donna is a bright ray of sunshine and a true blessing to those she helps. I trust her immensely. -Dr. Angela Walk

Donna is an excellent Reiki practitioner. She’s a great listener who can intuitively sense what I need most out of our sessions. I always leave feeling more peace and clarity. Would highly recommend. -Jeremy Lehmann 

Went to Donna for a Reiki session, not entirely knowing what to expect and left feeling like I could breathe!!! I was going through a difficult time and was suffering from anxiety. When I left I felt lighter and just better, overall. Donna created a safe place and helped me get through some things I didn’t know was weighing me down. Whether you believe in the art or not, it never hurts to be in a space with someone who centers you and allows you the time to focus on yourself and your emotions. Donna was amazing, so amazing, in fact, that I have her on speed dial! -Nikki Del Toro

My Reiki session with Donna was wonderful! Donna immediately makes you feel at peace, and she is so kind and compassionate. My session was not only incredibly relaxing, but it also reduced my pain, and I left feeling calm and uplifted. You can tell that Donna does this work because she truly cares. I highly recommend her!

-Candy Akins

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