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Donna Heals

Reiki Healer
Distance Healer
Breathwork Practitioner
Holistic Life Coaching

About Donna Heals

Donna Heals is a business born out of Love. It is the Love of seeing others reach their full potential, to return to the child like innocence and happiness we were originally born with.

We operate on five key principals:

  •  We are committed to being a conduit to your Healing

  • We believe everything has Energy

  • We are able to  Accelerate your connection to your inner kid.

  • We are incredibly committed to  Laughter

  • We believe that your Safety is paramount. 


Our services include Reiki & Distance Healing, Conscious Breathwork & Holistic Life Coaching

Our services are not intended to substitute professional medical advice. If you think you may have a medical emergency dial 911 immediately or call your physician of choice. 

A Personal Note From Donna...

I always knew that I was born to help people.  When I was younger, my niche was helping others by making them smile or laugh. As I became older, I wasn't sure how to make that into a career.  I thought about being a comedian because it made people laugh and helped them forget about their troubles. My grandmother was a Healer, but I didn't know I had the gift until much later. I realized that I could take me helping others to the next level by creating a safe space that along with laughter and light! Nothing is more healing than our inner child showing us how to have fun again!

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Get In Touch

Donna Stephan Tate Tel: (615) 330-6118

Appointments available virtually or in Maui, HI


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